Crown Piece 18″


The NEW Crown Piece 18” is specifically designed for those who wants volume in the back of the crown and length in the back, and should be worn of someone that has the same length hair. This model will add volume and height to the top, cover the back crown of the head and adding volume to the back of your existing hair. Please note that you must have at least 16″ of hair in the back in order for this piece to look good, if your existing hair is short and want to add length with this piece, you must fill in the nape with extensions. This piece is ideal to wear adding volume at the crown for a fuller ponytail.

The difference between the Older and New Crown Pieces is the base. We have redesigned the “football” shape to an oval providing a form fitting attachment to the head. By removing the two end points from the base, the NEW Crown base lays flush with the shape of your head. The base is 3″ long by 4″ wide.

Made with 100% real human hair and hand tied, one hair at a time onto a revolutionary micromesh base that is ventilated and comfortable to wear. Top Secret hairpieces attach to your own hair (even if it’s thinning) with our safe and secure, easy on, easy off “four clip attachment system”. Please scroll down for an image of the interior of the base.


Color Match Guide

All Top Secret Haircessories pieces are customizable to ensure the piece is always a perfect match to your own style and look. They may be darkened or toned with a gentle low volume deposit only. Bleach is not recommended as it may cause the hair to break off the base.

How to care for your Hair System

We recommend shampooing and conditioning with our specially formulated Top Secret shampoo and Treatment. Depending on how often the piece is used it should be washed once a month or once every couple of months. Blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons may be used to create your unique look and style. Gels and hairsprays are not recommended as they may dry out the hair.

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